Private birding tour to the Strait of Gibraltar: between two continents

Tarifa, Spain
Tour Type: Full day
Group Size Cost Per Person
1 $275
2 $150
3 $105
4 $85
Pick-up from El Rocío

In the southern corner of Spain is located the Strait of Gibraltar. It is the natural bridge between Europe and Africa, only 14 km away. We can find a great diversity of habitats in this area: cork oak forests, scrublands, dune beaches…Of special interest is the former Laguna de la Janda (La Janda Lagoon), in the past the biggest wetland in Spain.

Ornithological interest

The Strait of Gibraltar is one of the best worldwide points to observe migrating raptors and other soaring birds. In one day you can observe how it is overflown by hundreds or thousands of White StorksBlack KitesGriffon VulturesEuropean Honey BuzzardsBooted EaglesShort-toed EaglesEgyptian Vultures… You will simply love this place. Furthermore it is an excellent place to observe sea birds, like the Balearic Shearwater, and migrant passerines.

In la Janda, apart from the diversity of wetland birds, it is possible to observe the Spanish and Bonelli’s Eagles. In winter time even Lesser Spotted and Greater Spotted Eagles are present.

In our journey we can also visit the only unique European colony of Northern Bald Ibis, one of the most threatened species all over the world, who actually only live in Morocco and Andalusia.

Some other species originary from Africa (and arrived a while ago in recent colonization) such as Ruppel’s VultureLong-legged Buzzard and Common Bulbul can be spotted here.


Depending on the direction and intensity of the wind, we will visit the most productive migratory bird observatories, close to Tarifa. We will also visit the Janda and the most interesting areas for birdwatching at that time, all depending on your interests.

  • Use of binoculars and scope
  • Bird checklist
  • Accident insurance
  • Drinking water

  1. -Free pick up from Seville city or locally. 
  2. -Recomendable February-May and July-October.

Cancellation Policy
  • Full refund if canceled within 24 hours of booking and more than 2 days prior to start of the tour. Otherwise, the following cancellation policy applies.
    Moderate Full refund if canceled 30 days or more prior to the day of the tour. 50% refund if canceled between 14 and 29 days prior to the day of the tour. 25% refund if canceled between 4 and 13 days prior to the day of the tour. Non-refundable if canceled less than 4 days prior to the day of the tour. A cancellation fee of 3% of the total tour cost is deducted from the refund upon cancellation.
Tour Guide
Vicent Esteller