Private birding tour to Grazalema & Ronda Mountains

Ronda, Spain
Tour Type: Full day
Group Size Cost Per Person
1 $230
2 $130
3 $95
4 $75
Pick-up from El Rocío

Grazalema and Ronda mountains are a calcareous massif located between the counties of Cádiz and Málaga. It presents a varied mountainous geography with an attractive blend of cliffs and dense oak groves, cork oak and even Spanish Fir forest. These forests grow easily due to this is one of the areas with the highest instance of rainfall in the whole Iberian Peninsula.

Ornithological interest

Grazalema is very important because of the cliff raptors population: Egyptian VultureGolden EagleBonelli’s EaglePeregrine Falcon and Griffon Vulture (here one of the biggest colonies in Europe can be found).

It is also an excellent place for scrubland birds and Mediterranean forest birds such the Iberian Chiffchaff and some Sylvia Warblers species.

We can also view mountain birds like the Red-billed CoughBlack WheatearRufous-tailed Rock Trush or Alpine Accentor.

The mountain pass offers good places to observe the soaring birds during their migration.


We will travel the local roads in search of the most interesting places at every time of the year. If you want, we can combine driving with short walks.

  • Use of binoculars and scope
  • Bird checklist
  • Accident insurance
  • Drinking water

Free pick up from Seville city or locally. 

Cancellation Policy
  • Full refund if canceled within 24 hours of booking and more than 2 days prior to start of the tour. Otherwise, the following cancellation policy applies.
    Moderate Full refund if canceled 30 days or more prior to the day of the tour. 50% refund if canceled between 14 and 29 days prior to the day of the tour. 25% refund if canceled between 4 and 13 days prior to the day of the tour. Non-refundable if canceled less than 4 days prior to the day of the tour. A cancellation fee of 3% of the total tour cost is deducted from the refund upon cancellation.
Tour Guide
Vicent Esteller